Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 7 preview

Many teams are already halfway through the regular season. All schools have a ways to go. Some, like Auburn, are still looking for their identity while teams like Oklahoma and Missouri just keep on rolling. This week there are plenty of big matchups to choose from.

1) Texas vs Oklahoma -Red River shootout is the game of the year so far this season. The winner of this should have the inside track to the Big 12 and possible national title. Does Texas jump to #1 if they blow out Oklahoma? I have a feeling we will not be able to find out.

2) LSU at Florida - the last two national champions. Unfortunately, they have to play each other instead of Ohio State this week. What was Florida thinking in losing to Ole Miss?? This could've been a much bigger matchup. It'll still be a big one.

3) Oklahoma State at Missouri- both teams need to play well in the big game. Both teams need defenses to step up since both offenses are potent. Will it be the Zac Attack or will the Pokes be chasing Chase all night???

4) Penn State at Wisconsin- here we go again. Wisconsin overrated, losing to one team they shouldn't lose to, and not beating any of the big boys. Could this change this week??

5) Notre Dame at North Carolina- the first time ever that ND is having to earn their ranking. Will they be able to in Chapel Hill???

Other games could be the talk of the weekend, including Texas Tech-Nebraska, Arkansas-Auburn, and Vanderbilt-Mississippi State. Yet another Big weekend to attempt to solve the 2008 puzzle.

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