Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 8 preview

Week 8 has already started off with a bang with BYU getting beat by TCU on Thursday night. Saturday could be called statement week by many. There are 4 games involving two top 25 teams and many others that are very important to the national landscape. 2008 has turned almost as wild as 2007 up to this point. The only two things we haven't had are a FCS team shocking the world and Stanford knocking off a top 5 team. The latter can still happen as a better Stanford team than last year gets USC at home later on this year. Although an FCS team hasn't shocked the world this season, the place where the world was shocked, Ann Arbor, MI, was shocked this past weekend by a bad Toledo team. Wisconsin does play Cal Poly at the end of the season and the Mustangs did start off the season by beating San Diego State. The Badgers are a little bit better than the Aztecs, but watch out!!!

Look at that! I got caught looking ahead............on to the week 8 preview.

Game of the week: Missouri at Texas- Texas is now the #1 team in all the land. Missouri could've been #2, but someone forgot to tell Oklahoma State that they were supposed to lose last week. Win this and Missouri could be right back in the national title hunt. Lose this and they may be hurting when it comes to the Big 12 North. Expect it to be a close one but Texas wins.

Kansas at Oklahoma- Wait a minute! Kansas is having to play a decent opponent from the Big 12 South?? They are having to actually prove themselves to be able to make it to the BCS? Why would Kansas want to do this to themselves?? Wait, it's the rotation of the schedule. They actually have to beat someone this year!! Whoa!! I don't see it. OU in a laugher.

Vanderbilt at Georgia- last time Vanderbilt went into Georgia, they won! Last year in Nashville, Vandy should've won if not for a late fumble. No fumbles or INTs this week and Vandy wins. New QB Mackenzi Adams will fumble and will throw at least one INT and Georgia wins a close one. Georgia still alive in the SEC East, Vandy not although this would be a bigger win than the Auburn win two weeks ago.

Ohio State at Michigan State- Ohio State feels as if they are back in the BCS title hunt. Michigan State feels as if they are getting no respect. This would not be as major as Nick Saban's upsets over Ohio State in the 1990s but it would be awfully close. Jim Tressel will not let it happen. Ohio State does what it is supposed to do, even in East Lansing and beats Michigan State.

Ole Miss at Alabama and Michigan at Penn State- two games very similar in stature. Neither road team is expected to do much against the home teams. Both home teams have done nothing but dominate this season. Both road teams historically have played well if not beaten the home teams, especially in Michigan's case. Expect both home favorites to win closer than the experts think.

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