Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 7 Recap

This week saw 3 of the top 5 go down and #5 become the new #1 despite another top 5 not losing. Texas earned their way to the #1 spot in sort-of a boxing type deal where as the team that beat #1 became #1 no matter whom was ahead of them. Alabama sat down in front of a TV this week and saw Oklahoma, Missouri, and conference rival LSU all go down but received little respect in the coaches poll. AP saw Alabama come 15 points away from being in that #1 spot. Also a barrage of coaching changes saw Auburn lose to Arkansas after firing the OC and Tommy Bowden quitting after underachieving again. Two of the top players on the team responded like that was the best thing for the program. Unlike Terry, I feel like Tommy gets back into coaching someplace because the man can coach, just not at Clemson where he is expected to win a national title with talent that would finish 7th in the SEC or Big 12.

There are plenty of other big winners this week as well as losers!!!

USC found their way back into the Top 5 this week after beating Arizona State. Who has USC beaten??? Texas Tech arguing has beaten the same caliber teams without a loss and sits at #7, Oklahoma State just beat the #2 team in the country in some polls at their place and they are undefeated. How are they #8??? How is BYU #9 and Utah not even in the top 10???? Remember, Utah beat the team that beat USC and are undefeated! Other undefeateds include Boise State, Ball State, and Tulsa which all keep on keepin' on!!!

Many other one loss teams made their case this week as well. Florida destroys top 4 team LSU as they vault to #4 and #5 in some polls. Georgia's only loss this year is to the #2 team in America yet sit at #10 with USC and Florida losing to .500 teams and in the Top 5.

Kansas remains alive beating a Colorado team that many thought would actually compete.
Ohio State is moving their way back up as well beating Purdue.

Michigan State gets a chance to prove they are for real this week as they beat an undefeated Northwestern team in Evanston. Next up: Ohio State.

North Carolina does not give the voters a chance to allow Notre Dame back in the rankings. With the loss to UNC, Notre Dame might end their season in 2008 rather than Jan. 1, 2009.

Finally, probably the most impressive in week 7 that still went unnoticed was Penn State destroying an overrated Wisconsin team, but still finds themselves undefeated and #3.

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