Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The VinSane Week 1 wrapup

In Week 1, we learned a little bit about what will happen in college football in 2008, but did not have anyone "shock the world" the way that 2007 started. The preseason top 10 took care of business in the first week with the exception of Clemson. Much of America, especially the Southeast, is ready to put the team that beat them, Alabama, in their place in the Top Ten. As Nick Saban said, "It is just one game." If they play every game like they played that "one game", they might have a chance to shock the world as the season goes along.

Other teams that lost that should not have been a surprise include the likes of Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, Michigan, and Rutgers. America's favorite mustached sweetheart, Dave Wannstedt, is once again trying to tell the one's who annoint him that he does not belong in a head coaching position.

At A&M, Mike Sherman is taking his first as a head coach at any college. He found out that college is very similar to the pros. You have to be ready to play every single week, no matter who the opponent may be. While at Green Bay, he found himself losing to the Detroit Lions every once in a while, and Arkansas State played the role of the Lions.

Michigan, of all teams, should have been ready to play. Utah could be playing in the BCS and the Utes jumped this hurdle with perhaps only one more hurdle to go against Brigham Young. They do not need to get tripped up on the straightaway before the final hurdle.

As bad as Rutgers played, they probably should've lost 44-7. Fresno State is yet another team that could crash that big BCS party.

Week 2 presents a brand new number one team and very few intriguing matchups. It's still a week where teams do not need to be caught looking ahead. Other teams, such as Clemson and Virginia Tech, will try to fix what is broke.

The VinSane Week 2 preview coming up tomorrow.

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