Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 3 recap

Week 3 did not see many surprises when it came to who won the game. The surprises came, for the most part, on how teams won the game, whether it was a blowout when expect to be close or "closer than the experts predict". The conversation going into Saturday was about Ohio State vs. USC in what was dubbed "The Collision in the Coliseum". What came about was "The Drubbing in the Coliseum." USC proved that they deserved to be #1 while Ohio State proved that they did not deserve to play for the national title for the third straight year. Despite what people think, there were other games this weekend.

#2 Georgia is #2 no longer thanks to barely queaking by a team that lost to Vanderbilt the week before. Even though this year's Vandy is not your father's Vandy or your older brother's Vandy, there's a faction of people out there that think that losing to Vandy is like losing to Appalachian State. Georgia starts the year out #1. They are 3-0 and have dropped to #3 in the polls without losing.

#3 Oklahoma is now #2 thanks to beating a Washington team on the road that many feel were robbed the week before. Brigham Young showed that Washington was no fluke by blowing out an overrated UCLA team. Can these two keep it up during the season or will they find ways to lose to inferior opponents on the road like they have in the past????

Speaking of Vanderbilt, they are #26 in the latest AP Poll. That's right! If Vanderbilt goes to Oxford and beats an improving Ole Miss team, they will more than likely jump into the Top 25. Whodathunkit???

Down the road from Oxford, we saw a baseball match of sorts with what will more than likely be the lowest scoring game of the season. Neither Auburn nor Mississippi State wanted to win that game and the best of the worst pulled it out in that one.

Missouri is starting to make people believe that they belong in the national championship conversation while Kansas is once again proving to be overrated.

In the Pac-10, one team was caught looking ahead while the other took too long to adjust to the time change. Arizona State was leading UNLV late but the Runnin' Rebs came back to tie the game and take it to overtime. The Rebs then won the game when they blocked ASU's FG in OT.
California did not start scoring against Maryland until late in the 4th quarter but it proved to be too late. Maryland lost to Middle Tennessee the week before and Troy beat Middle Tennessee in the first week. Why isn't Troy ranked in the Top 25???

Middle Tennessee almost pulled off the Bluegrass Miracle Part Deux. MTSU had success against Vandy the last two times they played and almost equalled that success with Kentucky. MT came up a yard short on a tipped hail mary, once again in Lexington. Finally, something goes UK's way at the end of a game.

Charlie Weis goes on the injured list for the Irish.

Week 4 preview coming Wednesday.

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