Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week 3 preview

Week 2 did not have much of anything when it came to games. Week 2 for the most part was a "almost only counts in horseshoes" week including an almost in the Horseshoe. Week 3 figures to be a more exciting week and a week that many might decide to let the yardwork wait another Saturday. Others may try to do the yardwork in the morning, that way they can have the afternoons and evenings all to themselves either in the living room or the sports bar, with the spouse's approval of course.

Week 3 Top 5:

1) What a shocker. Ohio State at Southern California- a Keith Jackson-type game that will get even the most casual of college football fans going. Ohio State survived a Bobcat scare last week and now travels to the Coliseum. Chris Wells should be back running for the Buckeyes, while Sanchez is expected to throw it all over the place.

2) Wisconsin at Fresno State- a battle of 2 Top 25 teams that Fresno State finally gets to play at home. Wisconsin is taking a big chance by flying out to Cali, but this is not a no-win situation for the Badgers. If they win, expect the Big Ten competitor to climb at least two spots.

3) Oklahoma at Washington- after last weekend's robbery at home, the Huskies will once again host a ranked team. Does anyone remember two years ago when Oklahoma went to Oregon and lost a controversial game??? What did the Sooners AD say after that? To paraphrase, if Pac-10 officials are officiating that game, then the Sooners will not honor the game. Ask the Huskies how they feel about Pac-10 officials now.

4) Kansas at South Florida- USF squeaked by their state rivals last week. This is the first ranked non-conference team that Kansas has played since, well, no telling but it's been a long time. And they are travelling too. Amazing!!! What do the Jayhawks do in a situation they have not seen in many years??

5) Oregon at Purdue- The Boilers could really make a statement here by beating the Ducks. Oregon has aspirations of a Pac-10 title. They do not need to blow this one after getting off to a good start in 2008.

If you missed week 2, please do not miss week 3. Find a TV with picture-in-picture or head to your favorite place where there are multiple TVs. I will be running back and forth from one room to the other because I will not have that this weekend.

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