Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 4 preview

Week 2 and 3 were pretty slow. Week 4 is when America gets to start seeing what teams are all about. This is the week where most conferences get their conference season started. The top 5 this week are very important to the national landscape. There are other very important games this week as well.

Top 5 games of the week:

1) LSU at Auburn- A battle of two top 10 SEC Tigers where both sides are saying, "Thank God for our defense." Last time these two tangled in Auburn, it looked very similar to Auburn's game last week with Auburn winning 7-3 in 2006. 2004 saw Auburn win 10-9. Don't expect much scoring this year on the Plains as both teams look to get a head start on the SEC West.

2) Wake Forest at Florida State- Battle of two top 25 ACC teams which will deem very important. Wake is now considered the class of the ACC, but FSU needs to win this in order to get back to where it was before. FSU will still be without many of its starters due to the suspensions handed down before the Music City Bowl last season. Expect Wake to run over the Noles while FSU throws past the Deacs. Whichever is done better will be victorious in this one.

3) Georgia at Arizona State- Someone forgot to tell ASU that there are 12 games in the season. This was to be the game of the week but the Sun Devils quit in the fourth quarter and got beat in OT by UNLV. Despite this, expect Dennis Erickson to keep this close for a little while but UGA in the end.

4) Florida at Tennessee- UT is out to prove that UCLA was a fluke. Florida wants to be undefeated going into the UGA game in Jville later in the year. Will the Gators be up for this??

5) Boise State at Oregon- Fresno could not keep it up, losing to Wisconsin last week. If Boise beats Oregon, Boise State will be the non-BCS darlings alongside East Carolina.

Other game of note:

West Virginia at Colorado- West Virginia has lost one already. I don't expect them to get a shot at the national title with one loss. If they want to prove they still belong despite the loss to ECU, they need to step up in primetime on Thursday night.

Others worth watching this weekend:

Notre Dame at Michigan State-first road game for the Irish.

Alabama at Arkansas- two losses in a row at Fayetteville for the Tide.

Troy at Ohio State- How does Tressel's boys respond to the beatdown at the Coliseum??

Rice at Texas- Only worth it if Rice wins. Expect it to be close for at least two quarters in this one.

Buffalo at Missouri- Second week in a row for a hail mary by Buffalo?

Vanderbilt at Mississippi- Vandy 3-0, Ole Miss should be 3-0. We'll see what happens!

TCU at SMU- last time TCU went into Gerald Ford stadium, that was their only loss of the season.

This Saturday will be a good day to sit in front of the TV if you are not headed to a game. I will be doing that as well as listening to XM Radio for games not televised.

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