Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 2 recap

In Week 2, we saw one major upset, which by year's end may not be an upset. We also saw one minor but important upset and a bunch of close calls that easily could've turned seasons around.

Start with East Carolina putting a major beatdown on West Virginia. People were still not giving ECU a chance in this one even after the Pirates beat Virginia Tech. West Virginia would have had no trouble with the rest of their schedule until Auburn in mid-October. They may still have no trouble the rest of the way until Auburn, but West Virginia did not think Skip Holtz could get his boys ready twice in two weeks for top-20 matchups. Because Holtz did get his Pirates up for both, they now rest in the top 15 of most polls.

The minor but important upset started our week 2 off in fine fashion as Vandy beats Steve Spurrier and South Carolina for the second year in a row. This may be what Vanderbilt needs to catapult themselves into six wins and a bowl berth. Possibly in nearby Birmingham. South Carolina, on the other hand, had aspirations of an SEC East title and may now not even crack the Top 5 in the East.

The close calls will start with the call that may not have needed to be called. The BYU-Washington game ended after an unsportsmanlike penalty after a touchdown resulted in a long extra point. That point went on to be blocked and that was the game. If Washington comes back and wins this in overtime, this may give the Huskies momentum and carry them to a well needed bowl game to help Tyrone Willingham keep his job. Instead BYU stays alive for the BCS and Ty may be looking for his fourth head coaching job in a decade.

South Florida and Central Florida may have played for the last time in a while, maybe ever unless they are matched up in bowls. This could have possibly turned out to be a great rivalry and eventually pushed UCF into a BCS conference, possibly the Big East, in a number of years. As far as the season is concerned, if USF loses this one, they would have a tough time getting up for the rest of the season and pushing forward in Big East play. UCF would have gained a lot of confidence by winning this game and perhaps George O'Leary may have started talking to the Orlando Sentinel again.

In Winston-Salem, if not for a pass interference call, Ole Miss and Houston Nutt may be going into week 3 undefeated. Ole Miss is already considered a sleeper in the SEC West and fought hard in this game but just could not stop the Deacs at the end. If Wake Forest loses this game, there would be NO ACC teams ranked in the Top 25, so the ACC commish and the rest of Wake's conference brethren better be glad Wake pulled this one off. May the Big East rule become the ACC rule??

In Columbus, they are complaining about how Ohio State was dropped two spots after the win. They better be happy the game with USC this weekend is still a big game. Had the Ohio University returner not fumbled the ball near the out-of bounds line, we might be talked about #1 vs. unranked rather than #1 vs. #5. Well, maybe not that extreme but the highest they would have been is 20th.

Finally, in South Bend, if San Diego State doesn't fumble at the half yard line, Notre Dame may not be looking so hot headed into Michigan. Now they are a favorite to beat Michigan. Explain that one to me please. A team that should've lost to a team that lost to Cal Poly San Lius Opispo (pronounce that if you can) is favored against Michigan?? Well, stranger things have happened.

Wekk 3 preview coming on Wednesday!

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