Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 4 recap

How could this have been a big weekend??? The #1 and #2 ranked teams did not play this weekend. What would I have missed if I decided not to look at a Tv or go to a game this weekend?? Well, here is what happened!!!!!

This was a huge, huge weekend.

Georgia did not disappoint as they crossed the Mississippi for a non-conference regular season game for the first time since 1960. Many thought they would get caught looking ahead just like their opponents in the Sun Devils did the week before. Not only did they bring their game west, but they also brought UGA VII over as well and gave him a 3-0 record as a mascot. All Arizona State did was prove for the second week in a row that they did not belong on the national stage and they better find an offensive line before Pac-10 play starts or they might not see a bowl game this year.

LSU vs Auburn actually had a little bit more offense that most as well as myself expected. LSU goes into a very tough Jordan-Hare and pulls out a victory. Many feel like LSU should be given a shot at the national title if they are undefeated. With that schedule they will play, I believe if they are 12-0 at season's end, they should jump USC, Oklahoma, and whomever might be undefeated in front of them and they should get to play in Miami in mid-January.

West Virginia is proving they don't belong. Boulder is a very tough place to play. Ask Oklahoma last year, but there is no way that game should have even been close. Look for them to have an average season and possibly play in a lower tier bowl. Pat White may end his college career where he ended his high school career, at Legion Field in Birmingham, AL.

Boise State and Ball State are trying to do what we know now that East Carolina will not do, bust the BCS. They joined the likes of BYU and Utah with huge wins this weekend over BCS league teams. Boise State dominated Oregon for the first 45 minutes at Autzen Stadium and held on at the end. Ball State was close against Indiana and blew it away in the last two quarters. Tulsa is also still undefeated with their blowout win over New Mexico. That game against Arkansas is looking more and more winnable every week.

Speaking of Arkansas, they could not hang with Nick Saban's men as Alabama calls off the Hogs in a defensive domination for the Tide. Defense has never been a problem with Bama teams. It looks now like they have an offense to help out.

Urban Meyer continues to prove that Tennessee is not important. Second straight year that the Gators dismantle the Vols, this time at Knoxville. I wonder how many hits that has received.

Vandy Vandy has shown their gold. After their win in Oxford over Ole Miss Saturday night which was not televised, the Vanderbilt Commodores are 4-0 and are now ranked in the AP Top 25 for the first time since 1984. Vandy is also 2-0 in SEC Play now. The rest of the seaosn will be tough, but Vandy will get to play Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Duke and well as potential upsets to try and get that first bowl game since 1982, maybe Birmingham playing Pat White????

Week 5 preview coming either Tuesday or Wednesday!

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